Considered as one of China’s special treasures, White Tea is produced from the most tender and hand-picked leaf buds and tips. It started its journey from the Fujian province of China and got popularized in Darjeeling. Today, White Tea is reckoned as one of the most premium and rare tea types in the world. The reason behind it being considered premium and rare is that it’s produced only during a short spell of early spring from some particular varieties of tea plants. Essentially, the tea leaves are plucked from only preselected bushes very carefully during the early part of the day to preserve maximum aroma.



Darjeeling White tea is characterized by its silvery shiny look and has a pale yellow whitish color in cups with distinctive flavor and taste. The shine of the white tea comes from the pubescence of the buds and the gentle process of which the tea is manufactured. Two tender leaves with a prominent apical bud are plucked and withered for a longer duration than it is typically done for other teas. The withered leaves are then gently rolled and dried taking care that they are not exposed to extra oxidation.

The two most popular types of white tea include Silver Needle and White Peony with the former considered as the expensive one. Silver Needle white tea is produced only from the single tips of tea stem. When dried, these stems look like silver needles. It has a refreshing aroma and taste and a light-yellow color.



Like most of the specialty teas, Darjeeling white tea is steeped for 3 to 4 minutes in the water around 80 Degree C for the perfect cup. It is worth to state that since Darjeeling white tea is manufactured from very tender leaves, extra steeping and using water close to 100 degrees C may impart bitterness.

Darjeeling White tea is believed to be one of the most potent health drink with the presence of high level of antioxidants, high parentage of Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) which is proven to reduce cholesterol and body weight. Other amazing benefits of white tea include reduced risk of cancer, better oral health, preventing the risks of cardiovascular diseases, helps in decreasing plasma glucose levels and keeps the body away from falling prey to infection causing bacteria.


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